Welcome to rhymewire, a collection of multimedia poems by Toronto poet Larissa Covato.

Larissa wrote her first poem when she was only six years old.  It was four lines long, it rhymed, and it was about how much she loved her country— Canada.

Today, Larissa writes poetry in three languages. She strives to write verses that use language cleverly, artfully and frugally without sacrificing structure, rhythm and rhyme.

Rhymewire combines Larissa’s passion for writing poetry with some of her other personal interests: photography, musical composition, humor, contemporary culture, popular philosophy, foreign languages and computer technology.  She sees the project as a creative way to update a classical form of literary expression for the modern age.

Larissa holds an undergraduate degree in Linguistics and Slavic Languages, as well as a Master’s and Ph.D. in Education from the University of Toronto.  She is currently working on a number of other projects besides rhymewire including a verse novel written in Onegin stanzas. 

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Larissa Covato